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 Application Requirements

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PostSubject: Application Requirements   Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:24 pm

Applications to Join [N].
*Note* You need to be accepted in [N] to get into any other sub-clans/admin.
-A decent builder.
-Loyal to [N] servers (play it often)
(has to have :[N]: Tag infront of post)

Applications to Join AoD.
-Build on a Baseplate
-Make it Quality
-Don't make it rainbow colored spamish crap Rolling Eyes
-Don't be dissapointed if its rejected
-Have fun Wink
Include some info about yourself and why you want to join, and how you can help the clan.
(has to have :AoD: Tag infront of post)

Applications to Become Admin.
-An amazing buildings that blows Zeke + Tezuni's Mind
-Very loyal to [N] Servers
-Never have been evil to [N]/Zeke/Tezuni/AoD (ehem... slicksilver555)
-A leader
(has to have :Admin: Tag infront of post)

Lots of applications! Good luck!

The following people do not need an application!
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Application Requirements
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